Little importance to the education of girls

The foreign Powers, too, have shown no very keen anxiety to enforce in Bulgaria their full rights under the Capitulations ; and a certain number of modifications have been introduced without protest on the part of foreign countries into the practical working of this exceptional jurisdiction. All cases to which a Bulgarian is a party are usually tried before the native tribunals ; and a delegate, appointed by the consular representative of any foreigner placed on his trial, though admitted to the court and entitled to inspect all the documents produced in evidence, is not allowed, as he is in Turkey, to be present at the deliberations of the presiding judges. Even forcible entry on the part of the police into the domicile of a foreigner for the purposes of investigation, which is forbidden under the Capitulations, is allowed to pass without more than a formal protest from his official representatives, whenever the Government is able to show reasonable cause for the action of the police. Here, as elsewhere in the Ottoman Empire, the Greeks are the persons who take the most unfair advantage of the privileges accorded by the Capitulations, and whose pretensions are most actively upheld by their own Government. But hitherto the representatives of the Great Powers at Sofia have not supported the various efforts made by Greece to enforce the strict letter of these obsolete conventions. In all right and equity, Bulgaria has as good a right as Servia and Roumania to be set free from the trammels of the Capitulations. But for various reasons, it is not for the present the policy of the Bulgarian Government to press for the redress of a grievance whose removal could hardly be effected without the dissolution of the nominal bond which still unites Bulgaria to the Ottoman Empire. So, for the time being, the peasantry will have to remain overtaxed because the existence of the Capitulations unintentionally prevents any fair share of the national taxation being placed on the trading and shop keeping interests.

This latter view is confirmed by the fact that the Bulgarians attach comparatively little importance to the education of girls.

School house and a school teacher

Be the explanation what it may, the fact remains that since her liberation Bulgaria has succeeded in establishing a very thorough, comprehensive system of popular instruction. By the Constitution it is decreed that public education is to be gratuitous and compulsory; this provision, unlike many others of a similar kind, has been carried substantially into practice. In every town, village, and hamlet throughout the principality there are nowadays a school-house and a school teacher. In the towns the school buildings are generally the handsomest edifice to be seen there, and in the villages the school-house is the cleanest of the cottages. The cost of providing the school-house, of paying the teachers, and of supplying the books and other implements of tuition, is provided partly by the State and partly by the municipalities in the towns, or by the communal authorities in the villages.


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