After the termination of the Holy Sabbath

After the termination of the Holy Sabbath he started to depend his cash. He was once more exceedingly stunned to see golden coin within the field which he had crammed with silver coin. “ That is merely marvellous ! ” he exclaimed. He then vent to the nook of the room the place the outdated garments have been oiled up. He was about to take up the black go well with belonging to the dwarf with a view to pack it up, when it appeared to him to be barely transferring.

That is perchance because of the wind,” mentioned he. However he discovered that the home windows and the door have been shut. He now put his hand on the black coat and he was startled to seek out it heat, and on the similar second he felt his personal hand being very gently gripped by one other hand. He tried to launch his personal hand, however he couldn’t accomplish that till he had lifted up all the go well with, which appeared to form itself upon the determine of the dwaif, who now stood earlier than him dressed within the black go well with.

“ Peace be unto you, good Samuel! ” cries the dwarf ; “ you certainly recognise me, do you not ? I’ve simply are available for a second, as I promised, to fetch my go well with. I believed 1 may as effectively attempt it on now I’m as soon as right here. See how excellently it matches me. I might virtually think about it was made to order and minimize to measure. I’m very effectively happy with my buy, and I’m now fairly able to pay you the small stability 1 owe you.”

Keep! ” whispers Samuel, with a slight tremor in his voice, “ what’s the that means of all this l. The half-crown you gave me final Friday morning has grown right into a fortune. Ultimately I’m wealthy, there’s more cash right here on this field than I ever anticipated to own. Take it again, good little pal; it’s actually yours.”

Interrupted the dwarf

“ Nay,” interrupted the dwarf, “ I lend you all this cash so long as you stay modest, pious and charitable. It’s your wealth so long as you know the way to make use of it appropriately used, and so long as you don’t undergo it to be abused by your self or by your youngsters. If it’s squandered or hoarded it should disappear.” The phrases have been barely uttered earlier than the dwarf had vanished, and Samuel felt the empty go well with of garments falling throughout his arm.


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