The locality owes its identify of Kyat-Khana, (actually signifying the Home of Paper,) to the truth that a paper manufactory was fashioned within the valley by a renegade, named Ibrahim, within the yr 1727, in the course of the reign of Aehmed 111. It was, nevertheless, deserted, in addition to a printing institution instituted by die similar particular person, in consequence of a refusal from the Ulema to allow the printing of the Koran, which they declared to be too holy to he submitted to so infidel a course of ; and the equipment and buildings had been in a state of virtually equal dilapidation, when Sultan Selim, the uncle and predecessor of the current sovereign, anxious to revive so helpful an artwork amongst his individuals, gave up the palace as a manufactory, and munificently inspired the re-establishment of the material; however he was fated to see this try fail, like many others which he made to ameliorate the situation of his topics, and which he finally expiated along with his life. All traces of the enterprise have now yanished from the valley, and the palace has change into as soon as extra an Imperial residence.

The smaller edifice to which allusion has been made, is a kiosque, additionally apper-taining to the Sultan, and occasional!)’ occupied by the excessive officers of the family : it stands on the very fringe of the Ilarbyses, and the caiques glide beneath the home windows, or shoot alongside beneath the thick branches of the bushes on the alternative financial institution, with a velocity which, to the attention of a stranger, is pcrfecllv shocking ; whereas the inmates of the kiosque smoke their chibouques in luxurious indolence, fanned by the air of the river, and amused by the passing groupcs.

Lovely Arabians

The valley itself is scrumptious ; the greensward is vivid and wealthy, to a level unknown in every other environ of the town. In spring it’s the grazing-ground of the Imperial stud; and the gorgeous Arabians are put in with nice pomp, picketted after the Japanese style, and superintended by events of Bulgarians, whose tents arc pitched within the valley, and who by no means give up it beneath any pretence till they’re launched from their cost. In summer time it’s the resort of all ranks; who, on each Friday (the Turkish Sabbath,) resort thither, to get pleasure from what none know higher how one can respect than the Orientals—a vivid sky, a working stream, flowers, leaves, and sunshine. Bullock-carriages, coated with gay- colored awnings of silken shag, fringed with gold; gilded arabas, drawn by swift horses; and caiques, the variety of whose elegantly-clad rowers denotes the rank or wealth of their house owners, pom- forth their tenants each second ; whereas the thick branches of the noble bushes shield entrance the glare of the solar events of white-veiled girls, who, squatted on their mats or carpets, and attended by their slaves, sit for hours listening to the Wallaehian and Bulgarian musicians, who gather paras* and praises at a really trifling expense of melody ; buying the prettily and considerably organized bouquets of the dark-eyed Bohemian flower-girls; or watching the ungainly dances of the Sclavonians, who, with their discordant bagpipes beneath their arms, carry out evolutions which resemble the saltatory makes an attempt of half-educated bears. Right here and there, a little bit aside from the group, could also be seen a celebration of G reeks, engaged of their swish romaika; whereas teams of pretty youngsters, and water-venders, and sweetmeat retailers, wander up and down the greensward, and are greeted with smiles and welcome on all sides. It’s, briefly, a spirit-stirring scene; and the poorer lessons who arc unable to command a carriage, or a caique, will cheerfully toil on foot from the town, beneath a scorching solar, with a view to safe their portion of the competition.

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