Big Houses

Passing between the massive homes

Stroll a number of steps from the ocean, passing between the massive homes which entrance it into the Piazza delle Erbe, and also you come without delay right into a busy strangeness of Croatia girdled about by Italy. Dalmatia has been possessed wholly or partly by Romans, Goths, Slavs, Hungarians, Turks, Venetians. Now good Austrian troopers make themselves at house in Zara, however Italy appears nonetheless to rule there, stretching palms out of the previous. Italian could also be heard on all sides, however the peasants who throng the calle and the market-place and the harbor converse a Slavonic dialect, and within the piazza on any morning, virtually within the shadow of the Romanesque cathedral, and watched over by a griffin perched on a excessive Corinthian column hung with chains, which announce its previous service as a pillory, chances are you’ll hear their chatter, and see the homosexual colours of costumes which to the untraveled may maybe recommend comedian opera.

Wildness of the close to East

There’s a wildness of the close to East on this me-dieval Italian city, a wildness which blooms and fades between tall homes of stone, dealing with one another so carefully that pal may virtually clasp hand with pal leaning from window to reverse window. Towards the somber grays and browns of facades, set within the deep shadows of the paved alleys that are Zara’s streets, transfer good colours, scarlet and sil-ver, blue and crimson and silver. Multitudes of cash and curious heavy ornaments glitter on the caps and the clothes of ladies. Huge boys and nice, striding males, courageous in embroidered jackets, with bright-red caps too small for the pinnacle, silver buttons, purple sashes caught stuffed with weapons and different impedimenta, gaiters, and pointed sneakers, march hither and thither, calmly intent on some enterprise which has introduced them in from the outlying dis-tricts. It varies, after all, with the altering seasons. Within the latter a part of October and starting of November a lot of the male peasants had been promoting very massive hares. Dwell cocks and hens had been being disposed of by lots of the girls, and it’s a com-mon factor in Zara to see well-dressed folks bearing about with them bunches of puffed-out and drearily blinking poultry, which they’ve purchased casually at some nook; by the good Venetian tower; or close to the spherical, two-storied church of San Donato, based on the spot the place as soon as stood a Roman discussion board, whose pavement nonetheless stays; or maybe by San Simeone, near the palace of the governor, the place below the black eagles of Austria the sentry, in blue and vivid yellow, stands drowsily within the sunshine earlier than his black and yellow field/


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