Rose-red Vineyards

Vibrant-golden and rose-red vineyards

Miles upon miles of bright-golden and rose-red vineyards edge the startling blue of the ocean. And the vines will not be stunted and ugly, however massive, leafy, rising with a rank luxuriance. Amongst them, with trunks caught because it have been within the heat embraces of those troops of bacchantes, are hundreds of sil-ver-green olive-trees. And peasants in crimson, peasants in orange-color, transfer waist-deep, typically shoul-der-deep, via the glory, below the glory of the solar. Right here and there in a grass-grown clearing, like a small islet within the ocean of vines, seems a hut of brushwood and woven grasses, and below the bushes earlier than it sit peasants consuming the grapes they’ve simply picked heat from the vegetation. Every now and then a sportsman could also be seen, in peasant costume, smoking a cigarette, his gun over his shoulder, passing slowly along with his red-brown canine among the many red-gold vines. Every now and then a distant report rings out among the many olives. Then the nice and cozy silence falls once more over this rapture of autumn. And so, you come to Trau.

Trau is a tiny city set on a tiny island approached by bridges, medieval, sleepy, but completely satisfied, virtually drowsily joyous, in look, with that air of half-gentle, half-blithe satisfaction with self which makes so many Dalmatian locations attribute and virtually touching. How odd to reside in Trau! But may it not be a scrumptious expertise to reside in pricey little Trau with the fitting particular person, separated from the world by the shining water,—for who comes over the bridges, when all is claimed?—guarded by the lion and the statue which crown the gateway, cradled in peace and mellow fruitfulness?

Roof and a clock-tower

The gateway handed, a slender alley or two threaded, a nook turned, and, lo! a piazza, a loggia with effective previous columns, a tiled roof and a clock-tower, a campanile and a cathedral with an excellent porch, and beneath the porch a marvel of a doorway! Can tiny Trau on its tiny island actually possess all this ?

The lion doorway of the duomo at Trau is actually one of many most interesting issues in Dalmatia. The duomo dates from the thirteenth century, however has been twice enlarged. It’s not massive now, however small and excessive, dim, filled with the odor of stale incense, blackened by age, virtually surprisingly silent, virtually surprisingly secluded. Within the choir is a deep nicely with an previous well-head. There are a lot of tombs within the pavement. The finely carved pulpit, with its little lion, and the fifteenth-century choir-stalls are nicely value seeing, and the roof of the chapel of St. Giovanni Orsini, which comprises an excellent marble tomb, has been made fantastic by age, like an previous face made fantastic by wrinkles. However Radovan’s doorway is actually the marvel of Trau. In coloration it’s a wealthy, deep, dusty brown, and it’s elaborately and splendidly carved with two huge lions, with Adam on a lion and with Eve on a lioness. The lioness is greedy a lamb. There’s a multiplicity of different element. The 2 huge lions, which stick out on either side of the round-arched doorway, as if about to step forth into the alleys of Trau, have a effective air of life, although they each look tame. Their mouths are open, however virtually smiling.


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