Alter the flood Og went to Sodom

Alter the flood Og went to Sodom, one of many wealthiest cities on the earth. On this city each want of every day life was equipped with none hassle. The mud of town was of gold, treasured stones had been in abundance. The lads of Sodom had been merciless and really depraved, however they did no hurt to Og, for they had been afraid of him. They ill-treated Lot, the nephew of Abraham. Then some neighbouring kings attacked Sodom and took Lot captive. Og hastened to Hebron to tell Abraham of his nephew’s plight. Og says to himself, “ I really feel certain Abraham will without delay got down to save Lot. He’ll, I hope, be killed, after which I shall be capable to wed his lovely spouse Sarah.” “ Thy want,” responded Divine Justice, “ shall not be fulfilled. As a reward for telling Abraham of Lot’s misfortune thou shalt dwell for one more 5 hundred years. Thy punishment for thy evil need to own one other man’s spouse is thy doom, for thou shalt die by the hand of Moses, the descendant of Sarah and Abraham.”

When Abraham returned from his victorious battle with the kings, he. checked out Og and requested him what he would have finished had the victory been on the aspect of the kings ? “ Say, 1 had been killed,” exclaimed Abraham. “ Properly, I ought to have married Sarah.” replies Og. ” Did you not want me to die in battle or to be taken captive ? Communicate, for I’m a prophet, and I’m able to learn your ideas,” says Abraham. Og made no reply, and when Abraham rebuked him he turned so livid that he gnashed his enamel in mood and one fell out. Abraham had a big ivory mattress made out of Og’s tooth, and he used all of it the remainder of his life.

Og was one of many company

Og was one of many company on the banquet given by Abraham on the day when Isaac his son was weaned. Og had typically foretold that Abraham wouldn’t beget kids; he had even referred to as him a sterile mule. The company teased Og and requested him: “ What do you say now, Big Og ? Is it not a undeniable fact that Abraham has begotten a son ? ”

“ What I say,” he. roared, “ is that Isaac is not any true descendant of Abraham, since I may invoice the weak child in a second by merely touching him with my little finger.” The voice of Divine Justice resounded in his ears and he heard the phrases : ” Thou artwork an impudent braggart! Fie upon thee! As a punishment for thy silly phrases thou shalt dwell to see 100 thousand descendants of Abraham finish Isaac who will come to combat thee and thy folks, and thou shalt be defeated and perish in disgrace.”


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