When Isaac’s son Jacob got here

When Isaac’s son Jacob got here to the land of Egypt, the king requested that the Hebrew patriarch ought to come to see him. When Jacob entered the palace of Pharaoh he heard the individuals ask : “ What’s going to Og the enormous say when he sees Jacob and his descendants ? ” Jacob got here earlier than Pharaoh and blessed him. Then the king turned to Og and stated to him : “ Didst thou not foretell that- Abraham would haven’t any seed, but right here earlier than us stand Jacob and his seventy descendants, all of the seed of Abraham ? ” Og in disgrace held his peace. However the sneer infuriated him, and in his wrath he east an evil eye upon the kids of Israel. Once more he heard the voice of Di\ ine .Retribution crying in his ear: “ Thou shalt but fall into the arms of their descendants.”

After these occasions Og journeyed

After these occasions Og journeyed to the lands west of the Jordan. Right here he turned king. He owed this piece of luck to a magic coat which he had stolen from Nimrod, king of Babylon. This glorious coat had initially belonged to Adam and Eve after their expulsion from the Backyard of Eden. When Og placed on this coat all of the beasts of the sector got here and prostrated themselves earlier than him. The individuals noticed this, and thought this was because of the energy of his may. Furthermore, they had been mightily afraid of him and thought it finest to ask him to be their king and protector. He consented, and made the individuals construct sixty new cities in his kingdom.

He was someday terribly upset to leam of the demise cf his solely brother Sihon, king of the Amorites. It happened on this smart. The Israelites, who had been the descendants of Abraham, despatched messengers unto Sihon, saving: ” Allow us to move By means of thy land; we won’t flip apart into held, or into winery; we won’t drink of the water of the wells: we’ll go by the king’s freeway till now we have handed thy border.” However Sihon wouldn’t endure Israel to move via his border: however he gathered all his individuals collectively aud went out towards Israel into the wilderness, and h? fought towards Israel. And Israel smote him with the sting of the sword and possessed his land. When the information of the catastrophe reached Og he was staying in his palace at Rabbah. He turned very alarmed on the prospect of getting to battle the Israelites. He thereupon referred to as his nobles collectively and bade them meet him at his fortress of Edrei.

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