Attention women

Gloves received the special attention of women

Gloves obtained the particular consideration of ladies within the fourteenth century, and, when not truly on the fingers, had been positioned within the girdle or carried. The gauntlets had been jewelled, and embroidery was on the again or spherical the bottom of the fingers. Spain and France had been well-known for his or her proficiency and trade within the making of gloves, and fur and sheepskin had been used for these in addition to wool and silk.

In Germany the costume affected through the fourteenth century differed however little from that of the thirteenth. The gown of the ladies consisted of an extended garment with a shorter under-dress, and over this one other gown was worn, and over this once more a mantle. The free under-garment was very lengthy, intently becoming to the hips, whence the skirt elevated significantly in width ; lengthy slender sleeves had been fabricated from white or colored silk or of nice linen, and the necks of the attire and the borders of the sleeves had been trimmed with tracings of gold ; a brief chemise was seen from neck to waist, and the Hausfrau bunch of keys hung from the girdle. It’s on report, certainly, that German girls on this century had been buried with their keys, and that divorced girls had been certain to return them to their husbands. Younger women wore an extended sleeveless gown intently becoming to the hips and ample within the skirt, and over this an extended robe of equal fulness fell from the neck, extraordinarily large upon the shoulders, and overlaying the forearm on each side as an extended tabard, round items being reduce out from both sides, and the decrease portion of the skirt sewn up. The previous Teuton mode of hair-dressing with flowing locks prevailed, however plaiting additionally was in vogue, twisted with colored or gold ribbons, or held on the again in a golden internet. Easy garlands of flowers had been positioned within the hair, and a fillet of stuff or steel, this being formed both as a crown, a diadem, or a coronet ; and the matron adopted a fur-trimmed cap.

Italy within the fourteenth century

Italy within the fourteenth century confirmed a determined tendency to return to the traditional type of gown. Lengthy robes customary just like the previous tunic and stola fell in sleek folds around the determine to the bottom ; the sleeves had been of average width, allowing the under-sleeves to be seen becoming tightly to the wrists. The daybreak of the Renaissance introduced some modifications in costume, notably within the over-dress, then referred to as a “ simarre,” which fitted intently within the bodice and outspread in a full educated skirt.


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