Bulgarian people

The very coming of the Bulgarian people

With satisfaction I wish to level out that as early because the very coming of the Bulgarian individuals and their settlement within the lands neighbouring on Rumania to the south of the Danube, relations of mutual respect, friendship and mutual help, as correct between good neighbours, have been established and have developed ever since. The historical past of the Rumanian and the Bulgarian peoples is wealthy in widespread battlefield exploits towards domination and international oppression, for freedom and higher life, for impartial socioeconomic developement.

As Comrade Nicolae Ceausescu has underlined, ’’Dwelling in neighbour nations our peoples have been associated by deep emotions of mutual esteem and respect, by relations of excellent will, beneath¬standing and fraternal friendship”.

After the victory of the socialist revolution

Within the situations of up to date historical past, after the victory of the socialist revolution and with the development of socialism, Rumanian/Bulgarian friendship has been promoted additional and has acquired new contents. The widespread nature of the socialist social order, the MarxistLeninist ideology, the rules of worldwide solidarity, independence and nationwide sovereignity, of equality of rights and noninterference in home affairs, of mutual respect and pleasant mutual help kind the foundations of this new sort of relations between our nations.

A decisive position within the growth of friendship and cooperation between our events and states play the frequent conferences and fruitful talks of comrades Nicolae Ceausescu and Todor Zhivkov.

The paperwork of inestimable significance signed at prime stage, the always progressing course of Rumanian/Bulgarian relations are a real mannequin of fruitful and pleasant collaboration between neighbouring peoples.

Giving a excessive estimate to those relations

Giving a excessive estimate to those relations, the leaders of our occasion and state categorical their conviction that the joint exercise within the spirit of the Treaty for Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Help, of the highest stage agreements, and the cooperation between our events, nations, and peoples in all spheres, will repeatedly develop and lengthen.

Each nations’ achievements within the build up of the brand new social order, the substantial progress of their financial potential, and the success scored within the Rumanian/Bulgarian cooperation create better prospects for the event of our relationships sooner or later, and signify a significant contribution to the consolidation of socialism on this planet, for reinforcing friendship and cooperation among the many socialist nations, amongst all forces of progress and peace.



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