Cease thy prattle

Cease thy prattle ! ” cried the Emperor m a horrible rage. “ You Jews are making sport at my expense, however, by all of the gods of Rome ! you shall discover out that it’s a very expensive factor to mock a Caesar. 1 will avenge myself by having an edict issued, and in it I’ll decree that every one the Jews in Palestine shall perish by the sword.”

“ If God so wills/’ exclaimed Nahum, “ this is also for the very best.”

At that second Nahum was very astonished to see at his facet a distinguished-looking man, dressed within the toga, the mantle worn by the senators of Rome. In actuality it was Elijah the prophet within the guise of the senator. Elijah is all the time at hand within the hour of hazard and misery. He comforts and helps when human hearts want comfort and encouragement.

“ Sire ! ” started Elijah, “ I’ve most vital issues of state to debate with you. Your troops have once more suffered a reverse. Let me beseech you to not act too rapidly with this Jew. Perchance the moist earth on this stunning casket isn’t any extraordinary earth. It might be earth from the land of Abraham, the so-called Holy Land. It’s stated in historical information that he. possessed land the mud of which grew to become like swords, darts and arrows. The Scriptures of the Jews inform us that ‘He’ll make the mud as His sword and the pushed stubble as His bow ’ (Isa. xli. 2). Now your Majesty’s imperial troops have been combating for 3 years throughout the Danube, vet victory is as far off as ever. Why not strive the efficacy of this moist earth ? It might perchance assist your courageous legions to achieve the long-desired victory.”

The Emperor listened with intense

The Emperor listened with intense curiosity to each phrase spoken by the senator, as he was considered. His recommendation gave the impression to be. most cheap, and the Emperor advised Nahum to retire and to await lurther directions. The imperial generals had been forthwith commanded to utilize the moist earth introduced by Nahum of their subsequent assault. Full success topped their efforts, and the victory was gained.

The glad Emperor despatched for Nahum and advised him how happy he was with the precious reward despatched by the Jews. He promised to guard them and to remit half of the annual tribute. As an extra mark of his gratitude he instructed the imperial treasurer to fill the pockets of Nahum with gold and silver coin. He thereupon dismissed Nahum with each mark of honour and favour.



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