Head or Tail

As soon as upon a time there was an unlimited snake.

It typically occurs that little kids assume that they’re wiser than their mother and father. The younger think about that they know higher than their elders. r>Simply as wise would it not be for the new-laid egg to attempt to educate the hen. As soon as upon a time there was an unlimited snake. It occurred in the future that thq tail stated to the top: “ Pray inform me how lengthy wilt thou take the lead ?

A lot like to vary locations

I ought to a lot like to vary locations with thee.” “ Good,” stated the top; “ t hou shalt be chief lor the remainder ol the day and I’ll comply with thee. Now lead on, Grasp Tail.” On it went, and the remainder of the prolonged snake adopted with the top on the rear. Abruptly there was a horrible splash, the entire physique of the big snake fell right into a cistern of water which was in a ditch. “ Now the place are we ? ” cries the top in a state of alarm. “ The place has that blind tail landed us ? Properly, I have to get out of this, as in any other case we will be drowned, tail, physique and head.” As soon as once more the top led the physique and the tail adopted, and out all of them got here from the cistern. The tail once more led the way in which, and after some time it moved proper right into a bonfire which some boys had kindled within the street. As quickly because it felt the burning fireplace it cried to the top: “ Intelligent Mr. Head, please get us out of this honible fireplace ; I actually didn’t see it, in any other case 1 ought to have averted such a nasty factor.” As soon as once more the top led the physique, and the tail was glad to comply with and to flee out of the merciless fireplace. “ Properly,” stated the top to the tail, “ hast thou had sufficient 1 Dost thou nonetheless want to take the lead { ” “ Properly,” replies the tail, “ let me have yet another trial; I feel I do know all about it now.” “ Very effectively,” stated the top. “ anil now lead on.” Away they went, and all was effectively for a couple of minutes. “ Assist ! ” immediately shrieked the tail. “I’m in a thorn-bush and it hurts terribly.” On and on it fell with the big physique urgent it downi. Even the top was caught by the thorns and obtained nasty scratches. “ That is too unhealthy,” cried the top. “ It is all thy fault, Grasp Tail! ” ” No,” retorted the tail. “ it’s all thy fault, Mr. Head. Thou shouldst have remained the top and never allowed me to take thy place, Hadsl thou accomplished this all would have been effectively.”


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