Nahum came

Nahum came to the inn

On his homeward journey Nahum got here to the inn the place he had been robbed. He was cordially welcomed by the depraved host, who with a sly twinkle in his evil eye requested his visitor how he had fared on his journey.

“ My journey,” replies Nahum, “ was a whole success. After all I knew it might be so, for did 1 not say once I arose after my

night time’s relaxation in your home, ‘ That is additionally tor the very best ’ ? ”

However inform me.” said the roguish host. “ what did you’re taking to the good Caesar in Rome ? Why did you had tavour in his eyes i ”

Hear! ” cries Nahum. “ I dropped at Rome that which I took away trom right here, good host. Now let me have a morsel of bread and honey and I’ll proceed my journey.”

Alter Nahum had departed the depraved inn-keeper ordered his servants to drag down his inn and to take away the dear earth on which it stood. He had this earth most fastidiously packed in massive bins and positioned on a robust cart. He took it to Rome and demanded an viewers of the Emperor. When he was adnrtted he informed the Emperor that he unhealthy introduced a big supp’y of the fantastic moist earth, simply the identical as Nahum had introduced in his casket.

The Emperor ordered his servants to check the earth, which was discovered to be simply unusual earth, with none miraculous qualities. When knowledgeable of this reality the innkeeper was cross- examined. “ How are you aware that Nahum’s casket contained earth ? ” requested the Emperor. “ I confess,” cried the wretched innkeeper. “ that I robbed him, and it was my hand that positioned moist earth within the casket.” ” Traitor!”

Thundered the offended Emperor

Thundered the offended Emperor; “ you’ve robbed me and never the Jew, for the dear gems within the casket have been meant to be introduced to me as a present from the folks of Israel. To rob the Homan State or the Emperor has for its penalty loss of life, and you’ll meet your doom in accordance with the legal guidelines of justice.”

Three days later the depraved innkeeper was crucified, as prescribed by the la w’s of the Romans. When Nahum heard of his destiny he exclaimed: “ This is also for the very best.”


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