The resting place of Solyman

A couple of paces from the resting-place of Solyman is that of his favorite spouse, the far-famed and tiger-hearted Roxalana, who, within the emotions of the mom, suffered these of the lady to be extinguished, and turned the holiest of virtues into crime. She additionally rests below a dome of marble, and her sarcophagus is overlaid with expensive shawls. The identical plane-tree darkens over the 2 tombs, however the vermilion patches flung by the painted home windows on the bier of the inexorable Roxalana, appear to be data of the harmless blood shed to feed her ambition. Not glad with the proud distinction of haring given start to the Sultan’s eldest son, and of seeing the bitter tears wept over his grave by Solyman, who, to mark his grief for the premature dying of the ill-fated Mahomet, launched plenty of slaves on the day of his burial, that they could ever look again with veneration to his reminiscence; the renegade Sultana, false alike to her God and to her intercourse, excited the infatuated sovereign to homicide Mustapha, one other of his sons by a rival magnificence. Heavy accusations, laid by a reckless enemy, who possessed the ear and perverted the judgment of Solyman, have been all-sufficient to safe the smash of the younger and high-hearted Mustapha; who, furthermore, when summoned to the presence of his imperial father, entertained no suspicion of the treachery to which he was about to full a sufferer.


To render the tragedy extra full, Mustapha, when he obtained the summons of the Sultan, was not alone; Zeangir, the son of Roxalana, to whom he was tenderly hooked up, was beside him ; who, when the message was communicated to the prince, instantly decided on accompanying him to the camp of their frequent guardian. On their arrival on the imperial tent, Mustapha was disarmed; after which first suspecting treachery, he superior in silence past the road of guards who have been posted over the particular person of the Sultan, and had scarcely accomplished so, when 4 mutes sprang upon him, armed with the deadly bowstring; however life was younger and powerful within the betrayed prince, and he burst from their maintain, and flung them from him with indignant satisfaction, as he turned to alarm the troops, by whom he was significantly beloved, and in whom he felt, even at that terrible second, that he would possibly rely. However no time was allowed him for the hassle, for as lie sought to flee, Solyman liimself appeared on the entrance of the tent; and one look of rage, one gesture of vengeance, recalled the scattered senses of the mutes, who as soon as extra seizing their sufferer, strangled him below the eyes of his infuriated father, after which flung his quivering physique on the carpet at his toes. It was the work of a second; and the paralyzed Zeangir beheld the brother whom he fondly beloved, and who had stood beside him in well being and satisfaction however a second again, a furious and distorted corpse, like an unnatural barrier all of the sudden raised by crime between him and his father. From his wolf-hearted mom he had lengthy shrank, for his light nature quailed earlier than the darkish workings of her iron spirit; and now two holy hyperlinks have been wrenched asunder which might by no means once more be united—he had now not a guardian; and his courageous brother, the idol of the troops and of the folks, he was gone ! With out a phrase, with out a tear, the younger prince solid himself upon the corse of the murdered Mustapha; and when the officious pity of some court docket parasite would have separated him from his lifeless brother, he was unconscious of the try: he was not born for blood, and his coronary heart had burst upon the physique of the sufferer! As soon as once more Roxalana stood beside a lifeless son ; however there was no compunction in her eyes, as they rested on the pale face of him whom her cruelty had murdered : there was no shadow over them, as when the grief of earth appears to throw a veil over the decrees of Heaven. They have been shiny with intense gentle—vivid with fearful brilliancy—they instructed a story of vengeance !


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