Edge harbour

The edge of the harbour

The mosque stands close to the sting of the harbour, and its courtroom stretches down nearly to the water. It’s overshadowed by two of essentially the most majestic maple-trees within the metropolis, whose gnarled and knotted trunks and wonderfully twisted branches bespeak them of a date coeval with that of the gleaming temple which they so drastically embellish. Beneath their lengthy cool shadows congregate teams of idlers, attracted thither by the calm stillness and refreshing breezes; and there they loiter for hours, erecting within the courtroom their awnings of striped cotton, and spreading their mats for the mid-day siesta; whereas the melon and sherbet-venders ply their aromatic commerce, and the perfumed vapour of the Salonica tobacco exhales from many a chibouque.

Balkans are an intriguing place and all the time a vacation there means time spent nice there. I’m from Bulgaria and I’ve been to a number of the Balkan nations nevertheless it has all the time been private Balkan holidays. I like travelling with my household or pals solely.

The courtroom of Ycni Djami usually presents the attribute scene which I’ve right here described; and of the mosque itself, the Turks have a well-liked custom, that it was constructed from the produce of one of many Sultana-mother’s diamond- studded slippers, piously disposed of for the aim of its erection ; a legend which doubtlessly owes its origin to the possible truth of the bills having been defrayed from the bishmalik (or slipper-money) of the imperial woman— t nationwide grant to the feminine members of the reigning household, bearing some analogy to the “ privy purse” in England.


“ Richly furnished with plate and gold;

Basons and ewers,

My hangings all of Tyrian tapestry :

In ivory coffers 1 have stuff’d my crowns;

In cypress chests my arras counterpanes,

Expensive attire, tents, and canopies,

Wonderful linen, Turkey cushions host with pearl. Valance of Venice gold in needle-work,

Pewter and brass             ”


THE Bazars of Constantinople have ever been to home-staying Europeans as a imaginative and prescient of the “ Arabian Nights travellers have misplaced themselves in hyperbole of their descriptions of them ; and the vintage glories of the Atmeidan, and even the solemn grandeur of St. Sophia, don’t topic the returned pilgrim to half the questioning curiosity which is elicited by the good change of the Metropolis of the Three Seas.

In by-past years, ere “ the schoolmaster was overseas,” the chubby urchins of half the distant villages in England believed that the mud of London was gold-dust, and its pavements silver; and even now, in like method, there are various people to be discovered, who nearly persist in believing that the Bazars of Stamboul are as glowing and beautiful because the enchanted backyard of Aladdin ; and but nothing might be farther from the very fact. The curiosity of the Tcharchi exists in its nice extent, its peculiar association, and the pictnresque results continuously produced by the shifting teams who individuals it, and whose variety of costume, countenance, and nationwide character, tends to arouse the admiration and curiosity of each customer.


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