Precious gift

Receiving a more precious gift

You might be worthy of receiving a extra treasured present, tor you may have appreciated what I’ve given you.” Then it was the flip ot the silly servants to come back earlier than the king. ” What is that this,” cried he in an offended tone, “ that I see ? How dare you enter my palace in dirty clothes ? You insult me by showing earlier than me in your stained and filthy coats. Get ye therefore directly and betake yourselves to our royal wash-house, and take care to cleanse the coats I gave you. When you may have completely washed them you’ll have to see to it that they’re dried and ironed, after which it’s essential to come once more and produce them to me. I do know not now whether or not I shall have the ability to settle for them. I definitely shall not be inclined to change them for higher coats, since you may have despised my items. I really feel very harm that you shouldn’t have had the great sense to treasure what I, your king, gave you. In truth, I should ship you to jail as a punishment, fur it’s treason to carry kingiy items in mild esteem. Watch out in future and don’t offend once more.” With these phrases the king dismissed his silly servants, who left his presence with downcast heads, ashamed of their dirty clothes and of their ingratitude.

The king despatched one other message

Alter a protracted whereas the king despatched one other message to all his servants, saying that on the subsequent new moon day he would give a banquet and he desired all of them to be his visitors; there was a situation, nonetheless, that every one ought to deliver his personal chair or stool, or anything as an alternative, On the day appointed the king’s servants got here to the, palace, and each introduced one thing to take a seat on, both a stool or a chair, or a few cushions, or a block of wooden or a field. A number of even introduced various massive stones. The king regarded on with a smile on his face and instructed the corporate to be seated on no matter they’d introduced. The banquet was exceedingly nicely served, and its period appeared unduly extended to a few of the visitors. All those that had introduced snug chairs and stools appeared very happy, however the servants who had been foolish sufficient to deliver stones and blocks of wooden started to grouse as a result of they had been most uncomfortable. “ Is it fairly good for a king to have visitors and to not present correct seats ? ” they requested each other. “ Is it the, right factor for a king to permit his visitors to take a seat on such seats as a few of us are actually utilizing ? ” they inquired of the king’s chamberlain. He conveyed their query to his royal grasp.


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