Sweet wife

“ What shall I do, sweet wife ? ” he asks.

” Pray to God,” she replies. “ You pray so usually on behalf ot others and your prayers are heard. Now for as soon as consider your self and me.”

“ I don’t fairly comply with,” noticed Chanina.

“ I imply,” she replies, “ that it is best to ask

the great God to allow you to get pleasure from on this world one thing of that which is laid up for the righteous and pious on the planet to return. Certainly God will take pity on us. and listen to your petition and reply you.”

Chanina cherished his spouse very dearly, it pained him to see her face pinched by starvation. He subsequently resolved to do as she had requested him. He arose and turned his face to the wall of his room and prayed with real devotion.

No sooner had he concluded his prayer than he heard a wierd noise outdoors his window. He went to see what was the matter, and behold ! there was a hand coining from the heavens, bringing to him a golden leg of a golden desk. He stretched forth his hand and took it. He known as his wiie to see what God had despatched to them in reply to his prayer.

This can be a nice miracle ! ” she cried. “ You may promote this heavy piece of gold, and with the cash you’ll have sufficient to buy all we want so long as we dwell. What extra do we would like ? ”

Sure,” mentioned Chanina. “ that’s the query.”

“ What do you imply ? ” she requested.

“ I imply.” he replied, “ what can be our fortune within the hereafter ? ”

“ Good husband,” she responded. “ God will

not sutler those that love Him and hold His Holy Regulation to need on the planet to return. Allow us to be blissful now, and depart the long run world to deal with itself.”

“ So be it,” he added.

That night time the spouse of Chanina

That night time the spouse of Chanina had a wierd dream. It appeared to her that she was carried far-off even into Heaven. The imaginative and prescient of Paradise on the planet to return was then revealed to her gaze. She noticed not solely the great Israelites, but in addition all of the pious and all of the righteous of all nations and religions, sitring in bliss and contentment, each at somewhat golden desk. Every desk had tnree legs. She continued to look Floor, and lo ! within the centre of Paradise sat her beloved husband, Chanina. He sat at a desk which swayed from side to side, for she observed that it solely had two legs.


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