Few noticed that Leo had left the room

Few seen that Leo had left the room. When his mom discovered him he was mendacity on his mattress, his face turned away from the presents and his eyes full of tears. He was sobbing.

Mrs. Simon was frightened. “Leo, she mentioned, wh the matter, darling? Don’t you are feeling good?”

“I’m all proper, mom . . . however . . . had been t osepepie ever Bar Mitzvah?


PHILLIP GROSS will get up from his supper desk and says to his spouse, “I loved the veal cutlets immensely. Then he goes to the backyard.

Mr. Gross is an outdated settler on this wealthy suburb. Together with his first spouse, who was Jewish, he lived right here nearly thirty years. She by no means bore him any kids. His current spouse just isn’t of the Jewish religion.

Very often he goes to his backyard on their lonesome.

His spouse, Elizabeth, provides him this freedom, for he wants relaxation. Each morning he hurries to the town with different commuters of the white collar class. They greet one another in a superficial method, and bury their noses in newspapers.

Evenings Mr. Gross comes residence nervous, upset, dis-turbed. He’s a member of the Inventory Alternate. It appears the richer he will get the extra obligations he assumes,_ and the extra nervous he turns into.

This night he additionally has a heavy coronary heart

Philip Gross just isn’t of the sentimental sort. More often than not his recollections carry him to incidents coping with enterprise; via his thoughts go monetary conflicts, losses, good points. However this night one thing completely different holds him … it’s the day when his beloved mom went to her eternal sleep.

Within the silence of the backyard he hears a voice of days lengthy passed by. It’s the voice of his mom calling to his father:

“Moshe Haim! Cease bothering to scrub the cabinets! It’s late already. Some persons are going to shul already; it’s time for us to affix them. Thank God that we’ve got an opportunity occasionally to overlook our grocery retailer with all its troubles and tsores . . . !”

A few years have passed by and but he can see his father earlier than his very eyes. He had been match for hardly something within the work-a-day world, besides to assist mom within the grocery retailer. But on the Sabbath or on a vacation when he was wearing his finest he appeared like a saint of outdated.



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