Te marel ma o Ion tao maro

Te marel ma o Ion ta o maro, ako te na vikinav pralya! (Might the salt and bread kill me, if I don’t name you brother !) Thereupon he eats a bit of bread. The youthful man makes the identical declaration in the identical means. One of many firm then pricks with a thorn the little finger of the elder man’s proper hand, in order that blood flows ; and the youthful man, seizing the wounded finger, locations it in his mouth, and sucks the blood. The identical visitor afterwards pricks the youthful man’s finger, and the ceremony is repeated. Lastly, the adopted brothers trade kisses, and every of them embraces all of the members of the opposite’s household, presenting them with items, corresponding to kerchiefs; then they drink spirits collectively, and the feast proceeds. A couple of days later, the youthful man, in flip, offers a feast to the elder man and his relations, and thereafter they’re counted brethren.

Discovered the Consulate ultimately

We discovered the Consulate ultimately, and delivered the Vice-Consul’s introduction. The Consular Agent was extremely amused, however very well mannered, and after writing for Turi the letter he required, acknowledging receipt of me, undamaged and in good situation, gave me the mandatory details about steamers to Galatz, and kindly volunteered to accompany me to the navy head-quarters to have my passport visa’d. Turi waited in somewhat cafd shut at hand, in earnest session with a tall and stout Gypsy, nicknamed Kara Mustafa (Black Mustafa), whereas we compelled our means by means of crowds of half-stripped males awaiting medical inspection and enlistment, and arrived on the Commandant’s workplace. The Commandant and his colleagues had been additionally extremely amused and really well mannered.

They visa’d my passport directly, however saved me lengthy in dialog about my journey and concerning the Gypsies. They advised me that there was within the city a sure lawyer who was within the race ; and after I mentioned that I used to be extraordinarily anxious to see him, directly provided to ship him to me, and inquired at what resort I used to be staying. My reply, underneath a cart on the municipal manure-heap, interpreted by the Consular Agent, triggered shouts of homosexual laughter; and so they had been happy to say many complimentary issues about British love of data, and British power in pursuing it.

Then they invited me to attend within the Commandant’s personal room whereas they despatched for the Bulgarian Romany Rye, and I waited lengthy, questioning whether or not Turi was impatient, and watching a succession of ladies interview the nice man, apparently within the hope of persuading him to exempt their husbands or sons from navy service. However this japanese good friend of the Gypsies couldn’t be discovered, and I used to be obliged, after the waste of a lot time, to go away the navy head-quarters with out seeing him, however with profuse because of the Commandant for his kindnesses.



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